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J. hetərəˈmôrfik

20. ATX. Messy, atypical and on the verge. I'm just a girl with some cats.

Buy the ticket take the Ride

That is what I wanted and I feel void

Single and at peace

"Why is that anon so obsessed with you? Like, seriously. Every time you pop up on my dashboard it's like the same anon is talking shit"
- mybullshitassl1f3

I don’t know people man

There’s your proof

"So if you give zero shits why did you delete that anon post?"
- Anonymous

I didn’t??


Translated by Geekpondering (@geekpondering)

Japanese ver. is here

Got my medication back

Here’s for better days




I have fucking school in a minute but I’ve had a fucking boner since fucking 7am

It’s Take Your Boner To School Day.

Alright no it is not

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