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J. hetərəˈmôrfik

20. ATX. Messy, atypical and on the verge. I'm just a girl with some cats.

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"post nudes cause your sexy, what other reason? you know you are sexy so you will if you want, no biggie if you don't"
- Anonymous

Why all these sudden nudes?!

"Dont pose nude, please."
- Anonymous

Can I ask why?

"Yes you should!!! :$"
- Anonymous


"Please pose nude"
- Anonymous

Hahaha why??

"You're so fucking sexy anyways you might as well give us all what we want, a nude of a beautiful girl."
- Anonymous

Hahahaha really

"Do you plan on talking to her?"
- Anonymous

No answer

"Why aren't the two of you speaking?"
- Anonymous


- fuckingcrazybutiamfree

I love you!!!!

Playing around town

"Are you still friends with Presley?"
- Anonymous

We aren’t speaking

"would you ever post any nsfw pics of yourself?"
- Anonymous

Yeah and I’m not ashamed of that

That is what I wanted and I feel void